SGM is the Sgame Pro token. Can be mined, purchased, used in challenges, in games and, of course, as investment.


SGM token has been listed on Nexex until 9th March 2019 at fixed price of $ 0.12.
Limited supply listed on Nexex with guaranteed price is 40 millions of SGM.

From January 8th to March 9th 2019 the SGM token has been listed on Nexex in the limited supply of 40 millions. We are closing deals with major exchanges to have the SGM listed globally – US included – at the starting price of $ 0.12 .


Starting price: $ 0.12


Use BTC or Bank Transfer.


Use Tether, Eth or Edo.

Exclusively Listing

Important things to know



Exclusively listing on Nexex will finish March 9th 2019, or once the limited supply will be totally sold.


Nexex sale has 40 millions of SGM available at fixed price of $ 0,12. Sale ends when supply will finishes.


KYC is mandatory and it will be managed directly by Nexex. No US investors are admitted on Nexex.


Payment can be done in Nexex using BTC/EUR to SGM, or by Credit Card directly in our website.


SGM purchased on Nexex are delivered in real time and become tradable immediately.


SGM is listed exclusively on Nexex until March 9th 2019. After, SGM will be listed in more exchanges.

Token Distribution

Sgame SA, a Swiss based corporation, has issued in 2019 the ERC20 payment token SGM. The main and only purpose of SGM is to be used as a token to access to services and products available on the Platform. The following table summarizes the planned SGM’s distribution:

Token Supply | 350 M


Private Sale | 145.5 M


Operations | 110 M


Premium and Nexex sale | 40 M


Miners reserve | 33 M


Advisors & Founders | 15 M


Bounties & Airdrop | 6.5 M


Transaction model

The SGM token economy is centered around a continuous circulation of tokens
between Sgame Pro and the ecosystem’s participants aiming at a highly liquid token. Its architecture is built in a hybrid manner whereby SGM flow inside the Platform is OffChain. All SGM rewarded to Players will be deposited to the Player’s internal SWallet on Sgame Pro. Players will be able to immediately use SGM from their SWallet to perform all the Sgame Pro ecosystem transactions at no costs or wait times. The Player has full control over when SGM are transferred from his SWallet to his personal ERC-20 compatible wallet.


Sgame Pro earns Usd from the traditional business of gaming: adv and commercial activities.

Sgame Pro App

SGM coming from IAP, and from Internal Promotion are automatically sent to the Reserve. Once the reserve is low, Sgame Pro buys SGM in the exchange to refill it.

Liquidity Reserve

With a starting supply of 33 M of SGM, the liquidity reserve is used only to let players mine. Sgame Pro refills it several time until the limit of 10M Usd. After this the mining is exhausted.


Will be used by players, influencers, publishers and investors to exchange SGM in Fiat. Will be used by players, publisher and Sgame Pro itself to buy SGM useful as utility token in the Sgame services. List of exchanges where SGM is listed are updated directly in the website.


Players challenge each other 1v1 to 1v100 wagering SGM mined and/or purchased


Sgame Pro rewards players from the SGM Reserve based on activities completed by them.


Publisher receive an SGM fee on the amount wagered during the Challenge. On top on this can spend SGM to buy ADV in Sgame Pro to promote its games.

In App Purchases

Every IAP made in SGM in the games can be kept by the Publisher in SGM or automatically converted in Fiat throughout the exchanges avoiding every change risk.


Thanks to the long term referral program influencers can earn 10% of all SGM mined by players for ever. This incentivate influencers to maintain their followers active in Sgame Pro.

Liquidity Reserve

We will maintain an SGM liquidity reserve to manage outflows/inflows to/from Sgame Pro participants, which are expected to grow inline with the number of Players. This SGM Reserve will initially be equal to 9.4% of the SGM Total Supply, and Sgame Pro will aim to maintain it at least at 10% during its normal course of business, buying back SGM on exchanges as and when needed. Sgame Pro will refill the reserve several times until will be reached the economic limit of 10M of CHF. Over this limit the reserve will be exhausted and the SGM mining will be completed.


Players mine SGM playing mobile games directly from Sgame Pro. Power of mining depends from level of players. No more then 5 hours mining per day are allowed.

Publisher Fee

Third parties games published in Sgame Pro can be used to challenge and publisher get a 5% fee from every challenge done whit its games. This Fee comes from the reserve.

The Reserve

The Reserve has SGM in and out based on activities done by all the parties involved. Initial supply is 33 M of SGM and it will be refilled by Sgame Pro when low.

Challenges Fee

Every challenge done by players has a cost of 10% fee. This fee is useful to refill the Reserve.


When the reserve is low, Sgame Pro buys SGM in the exchanges to refill it. This will be done several times until the limit of 10 M of Usd will be reached (at the beginning price of $ 0,12 is equal to 83,333,334 SGMs).


Influencers get 10% of all the SGM mined by users driven in Sgame by them. This referral comes from the Reserve.

Want to know more about the SGM?

Download the white-paper and stay updated with all the actual and future features. We strongly believe the SGM will become the traversal main asset of the world of gaming allowing players to use it from game to game, independently from type, publisher or age of the game.