CHOOSE YOUR CARD The official redeemable cards of Sgame Pro allow you to buy SGMs in a fast and easy way without any knowing of crypto world. We added this service to allow our users the possibility to buy SGM of the initial price of 0,12 CHF and get later the time to better know how Nexex works.

Cards are in limited supply. Once purchased one, Sgame Pro will send you via email a code. You can use this code directly on Nexex to redeem the quantity of SGM purchased. Code is valid only once. You can use it for yourself or as gift for somebody else.


Choose the quantity of SGMs you would like to buy, click on it and you will be redirected to to PayPal page to complete the payment, that will be managed totally by PayPal. You can decide to pay directly with your credit card even not having a PayPal account.

All the PayPal and Credit Card commissions are on Sgame Pro, so you will pay the pure cost of SGMs purchased. To buy the Cards you do not need any KYC, thus keep in mind that if you want to trade on Nexex you will need it on their website and you have not to be a US Person.


Once get the code in your email you have to go to Nexex website and follow the internal instructions to redeem the SGMs purchased.  Code usually is sent within 1 and 6 hours from purchase, once received is immediately active and redeemable. Code is valide only once and has no expiration.

Once redeemed your SGM in Nexex, these tokens become immediately tradable, so you can decide to keep them internally to Nexex, transfer to an ETH wallet,  trade them for BTC, EDO or EUR. Purchases are not refundable , every user can make multiple purchases..

120 Chf for 1,000 SGM

600 Chf for 5,000 SGM

1,200 Chf for 10,000 SGM

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