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Closed Beta FAQ

What is Sgame Pro?

Sgame Pro is the first mobile game app that rewards players with our crypto-token (SGM) just by playing mobile games.

What games are available?

The Sgame Pro beta app comes with 3 pre-installed games and another 3 you can download from the app stores. Those games are the following:

  • Unlimited Journey
  • Arrows Master
  • Gems Legend Blitz
  • 7 Notes
  • Staircase Bounce
  • Polysmash

We’re looking to bring more games onto the platform with more depth, challenge modes and fun features every month.

What is SGM?

The Sgame Coin (SGM) is an Ethereum token based on the ERC-20 standard. SGM is the primary way to access and benefit from the Sgame Pro app.

How much SGM can I earn by playing games?

The amount of SGM you can earn by playing games depends on your level in the Sgame Pro app, the games you play and the amount of SGM you wager in challenges against your friends.

How can I benefit from SGM?

All SGM rewarded can be used for challenges in the Sgame Pro app, spent on goods in the Sgame Pro Marketplace or traded on crypto exchange platforms.

Why do I need to register my phone number?

Your phone number is required for verification of your account via SMS. Since you will earn SGM, a crypto-token, your account needs to have a good security layer.

We will never send you marketing messages via SMS or share your number with third parties.

Do I need to share any payment information in order to earn SGM?

No, the SGM you earn will be added to your Sgame Pro account automatically. If you want to trade your SGM in crypto exchanges, you will only need to transfer your SGM by entering your crypto wallet address.

Can I earn SGM when I am offline?

Nope, this will not be possible.

Does Sgame Pro use the player’s phone to “mine” SGM?

Nope, all reward payouts are provided via our own dedicated platform.

I found a bug. How can I report it?

Please create a new post on our Forum Section “Bugs and Issues” (make sure noone else has reported it already) with the following information:

  • Bug/Issue description
  • Screenshots, if possible
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Operating system
  • Device

Alternatively, if you need to share personal information in order to report the bug, feel free to email us at

I’m a games developer. Can I get my game on Sgame Pro?

If you have a cool game available for both iOS and Android, built in Unity, with great single player experience and that lets users challenge each other, then give us a shout: